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Timber is a gift of Nature which has repeatedly been enriched the life of the man. We decided to use his natural values, to improve the quality of our Customers' lives.

Basic advantages of timber, used for building timber houses:

  • It has the ability of humidity self-regulation, thanks to which rooms made from timber have a unique microclimate,
  • It gets warm quickly [a very low coefficient of heat transfer U=0,17W(m2-K)],
  • It supplies fresh air full of oxygen - it may seem as if the house was "breathing” all the time,
  • It shows therapeutic properties (especially timber of coniferous trees),
  • Its endurance is above average with relation to its weight, which considerably increases the safety of timber constructions,
  • It suits splendidly in conjunction with glaze, terracotta, natural stone, steel and glass, and it in itself does not require additional finish,
  • If properly maintained, it remains naturally beautiful for many years.

Thanks to such values, a timber house becomes not only a place with high therapeutic values, highly attractive and safe, and above all ecological and economical.

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