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Domki jednorodzinne

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Home sweet home, it is: one's own house

How important it is for everybody to have their own home . We want to guarantee safety, health and comfort for our nearest. The professionalism of construction, reliability and the attractive look of the house - entrust them all to us!

An economical, original timber individual house with excellent microclimate - we will build it according to the design chosen by you so that you will enjoy your own dream house for many years!

Facts which make one build a timber house.

We recommend high quality and professionally built houses with a timber construction.
Their main advantages are:

    • Short building time about three months, without unnecessary technological pauses (e.g. for drying the material),
    • Possibility to build a house irrespective of the seasons of the year - The house building can be conducted , except for laying the foundations, even in winter,

  • Economy and saving - resulting from:
  • Easy transport of building materials,
  • The lightness of timber (in comparison to bricks) allows one to limit the width of the foundation,
  • Non-using of heavy equipment during the construction (e.g. the concrete mixers, etc.),
  • The high thermal insulating power of external walls - it guarantees low exploitation costs.
  • Bigger usable area - Houses with a timber construction are characterized by a smaller thickness of walls in comparison to brick houses. The saved metres enlarge the usable area of the house, e.g. with 100 m2 we gain as much as 10-12 m2 of the usable area, which expressed in cash, gives a saved sum from 10,000 to 20,000 zloty (PLN)!,
  • Easiness of fitting all the installations,
  • Easiness of implementation of any changes , e.g. providing new extensions or reconstructions,
  • The health and the long life of the household members - as a natural building material, timber guarantees a favourable microclimate of the house, the optimum humidity and clean air full of oxygen,
  • The lack of destructions of the area round the house - thanks to the fact that the amount of building materials is smaller, their storage and transfer is simpler, and an additional advantage is that now no "wet works” are executed,
  • The cheap and attractive arrangement of interiors - one of the advantages of timber walls is that they do not require any additional finish, and the natural colouring of timber will provide the pleasant atmosphere of the place,
  • The high acoustic insulating power of the external walls,
  • Eco-friendliness - when choosing to build a house from timber, we do not burden the natural environment with pollution resulting from the production of materials for building a brick house. In place of the trees cut for the needs of our house, new trees are planted.

We guarantee

  • Short building time - turnkey condition in 12 weeks
  • The longest warranty period - 30 years for structural elements
  • Guarantee of fixed prices for 9 months from the time of signing an agreement
  • The best heat insulation U=0,17W (M2-K)
  • Full service and professional consulting
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • The highest quality of manufacture,
  • Solid constructions.
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