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Cross laminated timber - BBS  is one of the most innovative building products, with a huge potential for the popularization and development in the nearest future. BBS elements can be used either as external walls, internal walls and ceilings.

BBS is composed of  99.4%  wood, and 0.6% adhesive and is completely harmless to the environment. This innovative technology ensures the structural, physical and mechanical characteristics which should meet modern building material.


Fot. Binderholz


BBS elements are produced in a closed manufacturing plant and are subjected to a rigorous quality control.

BBS is a finished product having excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. It is fire and earthquakes and resistant.

BBS structure creates a favorable microclimate inside the building and provides optimum moisture content at any time of the year.

Installation of BBS is very fast and does not require the use of heavy construction tools.

Weight of BBS  elements makes it extremely economical considering the energy consumption. Loading and transport of BBS  elements is much faster and less expensive. BBS technology is ideal for the construction of low energy and passive houses.
BSS technology could be used  in any type of building : detached, multi-storey, commercial ,residential, industrial etc.
Wooden structures of BBS technology meets all requirements in terms of building physics standards relating to the load-bearing walls, ceilings and roofs.

This product has European Technical Approval (ETA), is CE marked and is fully accepted on the market in the European market. The quality is monitored by independent institutions and ensures security and stability in a variety of applications.

There are 130 different  certified solutions with BBS construction containing all current data for designers (weight, fire resistance, thermal insulation, eco ) of timber  building industry.


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