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council housing

Our offer for council housing  includes design, construction and functionality solutions that provide attractive economic and quality projects. Buildings are durable and cost-saving in operating.

Many years of experience and knowledge in the field of energy-efficient prefabricated construction allows us to offer the best solution for individual  investor needs.


Fot. Binderholz        



Lower heating costs

Houses made of wood has very good thermal insulation, which cannot be achieved in other building technologies. Energy savings makes significantly lower heating bills and have a positive impact on the environment.


Lightweight of wooden structure houses is reflected in the construction of the foundation, making it less expensive than in brick houses.

Larger building space

The walls of the wooden buildings have a higher thermal insulation with a narrower cross-section then the brick houses, so with the same external dimensions wooden buildings have more usable space than buildings made of brick. For example wooden house with a total area of 100 m2 is around 10 - 12 m2 larger of the same brick house!

Save time

Raw state of 100 m2 prefabricated house is mounted within 1-2 days! Additional exterior and interior finishing takes few weeks more . Such speed of construction  is beyond the reach of the brick buildings!



The oldest existing wooden houses come from the tenth century, and the technology during this period greatly developed. Properly constructed and maintained timber house serves many generations and persists durability brick houses.

Resistance to fire

Our homes meet all the standards for fire protection. Cross laminated timber elements have been subjected to the special tests, and  it’s  fire resistance is very impressive.


Choosing wood as a construction material we reach a completely renewable resource. European experts have estimated that every m3 of wood used instead of other building materials decreases by about 1 tonne CO2 emission.

Health of users

Wood as a construction material creates a unique microclimate, which has very positive impact on the health and well-being of its users. Staying in wooden houses is very advisable for people with respiratory ailments and allergies. Diffusivity of wood makes the air in the building heavily oxidized and has optimum moisture content.



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